The 8th Annual Critical Care Sympoisum will be proceeding despite the additional Bank Holiday in the United Kingdom on Friday 29th April.

We are please to announce that the 8th Annual Critical Care Symposium will take place on the 28th and 29th April 2011.

Details of the tentative faculty due to attend can be found below:

Prof Mervyn Singer, UCL, London, UK Prof Marco Ranieri, Turin, Italy
Dr Julia Wendon, KCH, London, UK Prof Niall Ferguson, Toronto, Canada
Prof Ken Hillman, Sydney, Australia Mr Mike Darwin, Arizona, USA
Prof Monty Mythen, UCL, London, UK Prof Bernard Cholley, Paris, France
Prof Stephan Mayer, New York, USA Dr Peter Nightingale, Manchester, UK
Dr Roop Kishan, Manchester, UK Dr Geoff Bellingan, London, UK
Prof Djillali Annane, Paris, France Prof Steve Hollenberg, Camden, NJ, USA
Prof Edward Abraham, Birmingham, Alabama, USA Prof Jean-Louis Teboul, Paris, France

Please note that this list is subject to change.

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