Comments From Faculty

1. As we chatted a fantastic meeting – well done – you should be deservedly proud of the amazing achievement. – Cheers
          Danny McAuley – Prof of Intensive Care, Belfast

2. it’s been a real pleasure being in Manchester en contributing to a fantastic meeting organized by a warm hearted and visionary man. The sessions were very good, the atmosphere was lively and I sincerely hope that the meeting will be there for many years to come and that we will be able to maintain its distinct character.
with warmest regards,
          Peter Spronk – Netherlands

3. You have created a very special meeting – low on glitz, hype and preening and high on humility, thoughtful debate, and passionate interchange …  This is a distinct achievement, for which you deserve the highest congratulations. I echo the comments of others – keep it up! 
          John Marshall – Prof of Intensive Care Medicine, Toronto, Canada

4. Veerappan, Roop,
Thanks for a fantastic meeting & your generous hospitality. Once again, this conference ranks as the one I have enjoyed most & found most informative in the last few years. V, please convey my special thanks to your wife for the wonderful dinner and hospitality at your place.
          Farhad Kapdia, Mumbai, India

5. It’s been a great pleasure to participate to the meeting.  The highlight was the dinner at your home.  Many thanks again to your wife and yourself for having us over!
You did a great job with the organization and you can be very proud of this.  I know how complicated it is…
Many thanks again for your friendship, your warm hospitality, and your dedication to spread knowledge in the field of intensive care medicine. 
Warmest regards 
          Bernard Cholley, Prof, Paris, France

6.Big meetings separate faculty from participants, in this meeting I had the impression that every talk was given as an in-service reunion. Their ICU beds could be a few meters away. There was sincere communication among participants and faculty, all lectures had questions, and people where talking about it in the corridors. Even I was approached today by a few who wanted to know more about Brazil in general and anesthesiology there. Rooms were all full and comfortable. It was a great meeting, and an honor to be invited.
          Fred , Brazil

7.           It’s been almost two years Since I wrote my last poem,
          But Veerappan as we travel To our families and homes,
          Know that your meeting’s so special So many dear friends and peers,
          We look forward to returning To Manchester, next year,
          Thanks for all of your toils, Your dedication, your skill,
          To be part of this meeting
          Gave me such a great thrill I echo the feelings That you see in these posts,
          Veerappan you’re a very Unique, special host,
          As you jet off to Rome For a well-earned vacation,
          I hope you feel some relief And a sense of elation,
          For you did one super job You set a standard so grand,
          You have our friendship and thanks,
          Our respect you command,
          Again kudos dear friend,
          Get some sleep, get some rest,
          Accept our deep admiration.
          Dr. V, you’re the best,
          Truly a wonderful meeting, great discussions and ideas,
          lots of smiles, laughs, and all around terrific karma.
                DON Chalfin, Califonia, USA