15th ACCS – Comments

This pot-pourri of topics provide stimuli for me to reflect on the practicalities, ethics and resource management in critical care practice.

Excellent 2 days full of useful, evidenced based information/advice.

Excellent range of speakers- world class in my opinion.

Excellent content. Good timekeeping. Interesting presenters.

Interesting talk. Friendly speaker. Really nice to hear what is going on in other units. Thanks.

Another great session with relevant, evidence based information.

Very good points for rehabilitation.

POCUS is an eye opener.

Brilliantly delivered review; Mind blowing presentation.

Excellent Excellent- simply said.

Excellent orators and grasp of their field. Loved the impromptu debate when the slides stopped working. I hope one day I reach remotely half their level.

Excellent overview of renal support.

Catering staff at King’s House very friendly and polite.

Good venue, engaging speakers and great breadth of content.

Kept timing, superb faculty, cheers Veerappan.

Keep doing your excellent job.