Our Mission – To Bring Together World Renowned Speakers in Intensive Care

We bring together world renowned speakers, the best in their field for a conference outside London. To provide a conducive environment allowing informal discussion during and after the seminar. Most importantly to provide good quality education covering various topics in Intensive Care at an affordable price.

Abstract Submission

Abstracts can be submitted and must be structured. The body of the abstract must not contain more than 3000 characters and have introduction, methods, results and conclusion headings. In addition to this a list of references can be given as well as acknowledgements with grant information and possible conflicts. Tables and/or Figures can be uploaded separately in a Microsoft Word document (*.docx). Only documents saved in the Microsoft Word 2007 (or higher) format with extension “.docx” are currently supported. This separate file should not contain the abstract text and cannot exceed 1 MB in size.

Submit abstracts to ct.veerappan@gmail.com

17th Annual Critical Care Symposium

We are pleased to announce the 17th Annual Critical Care Symposium

The 2020 symposium is being conducted on the 23rd and 24th April 2020. The venue is Manchester Conference Centre, Sackville Street, Manchester M1 3BB. Read More

View the 17th ACCS Programme

View the 17th ACCS Preliminary Flyer

10th Ultrasound In Acute Care

Two day course with ample hands on experience in Ultrasound aimed at Trainees, SAS doctors and Consultants in Acute Care Medicine, Critical Care and Emergency Medicine and others interested in ultrasound.

View the 10th UAC Preliminary Flyer

The 10th UAC is now FULL, if you would like to be added to the waiting list please email Dr.CT.Veerappan – ct.veerappan@gmail.com

The Critical Care Symposium Logo
The Critical Care Symposium Logo conceptualizes “Prana” literally meaning breath, life and vitality of being. The beating of the heart and breathing where Prana enters the body through the breath and is sent to every cell through the circulatory system. This concept has been taken forward in the form of a single line representing the single thread of being, one that infuses life into the body.

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