We are pleased to announce the 11th Annual Critical Care Symposium

The 2014 symposimum is being conducted on the 24th and 25th of April in Manchester. Event venue is to be confirmed.

The 11th Symposium is proud to announce that speakers for this event currently come from Australia, Belgium, France, Israel, the Neterlands, Switzerland, the USA and the UK. As ever, please be aware speakers are subject to change.

We have also received news that The Royal College of Anaesthetists have approved 12 Continuing Medical Education (CME) points for Continued Professional Development (CPD) for this conference.

For a list of currently confirmed speakers, please click the “read more” link below, or here for a Downloadable version of the Event Flyer for the current schedule of the event. For a Printable Application Form and Course Fee Details. The event brochure can be downloaded.

This year we are also celebrating 20 Years of the CCM-I Mailing List. To celebrate, the entertainment during the evening meal on 24th April 2014 will be provided by The CODES.

The CODES are a band of four eminent professors, Dr Stephan Mayer, Dr Gary Bernardinim Dr David Crippen and Dr Michael DeGeorgia working in Neuro Critical Care and who perform at the Neuro Critical Care Meetings in the USA.

As in previous years, along side the Acute Critical Care Symposium, The 4th Ultrasound in Critical Care course will be run. The Event Brochure can be viewed with the Current Schedule.

Please find below a list of currently confirmed speakers
Dr Julian Barker, UK Dr Andrew Bentely, UK
Prof Timothy Buchman, USA Dr Luigi Camporota, UK
Dr Maurizo Cecconi, UK Associte Prof Don Chalfin,USA
Prof David Crippen, USA Prof Jean-Daniel Chiche, France
Dr Gordon Doig, Australia Prof Marcel Levi, Netherlands
Prof Daniel Lichtenstein, France Dr Manu Malbrain, Belgium
Prof Jean-Paul Mira, France Prof Xavier Monnet, France
Prof Jean-jaques Rouby, France Dr Eran Segal, Israel
Dr Ian Seppelt, Australia Prof Jukka Takala, Switzerland
Prof Antoine Vieillard-Baron, France Prof Jean-Louis Vincent, Belgium
Assistant Prof Leslie Whetstine, USA