The 3rd Critical Care Symposium was held in 2006 at The Atlantic Suite, Terminal 2, Manchester Airport.

Mike Darwin has kindly written a review of this event, which can be found in the ”Event Reviews Section”

This year it was decided to hold a two-day event there by allowing for more topics to be covered. This program extension additionally allowed four workshops to be held on each day of the symposium, with each workshop being held four times. This allowed delegates attend all four workshops during the event.

Speakers at the event can be found below.

 Day One

Speaker Topic Facility/Univeristy/Location
Dr Ian McConachie Muscle Loss in the Elderly Blackpool, UK
Professor Richard Griggiths Glutamine – Why we should use it? Liverpool, UK
Dr Antonios Liolios Combat Critical Care and Transport Kos, Greece
Associate Professor Dr Hermann Wrigge Spontaneous versus Controlled Ventilation in Acute Lung Injury Bonn Germany
Dr Andrew Bentley Weaning from Ventilation
Professor Ken Hillman Redefining Resuscitation Liverpool, Australia
Dr Mike Darwin Therapeutic Hypothermia: Current Concepts Arizona, USA

Day Two

Speaker Topic Facility/University/Location
Processor Charles Hinds Genetic Influences in Critical Illness London, UK
Professor Ken Hillman Mods vrs Sods Liverpool, Australia
Dr Ruth Kleinpell Advanced Nurse Practitioner – USA Perspective Chicago, USA
Mrs Alison Keegan Advanced Nurse Practitioner – UK Perspective NMGM
Associate Professor Stephen Streat EBM – An Everyday Practice

Organ Donation for the Intensivist

New Zealand
Dr Bernard Cholley The Role of Echo in Determining the Etiology of Shock Paris, France
Dr Antonios Liolios Internet for the Intensivist Kos, Greece


Speakers Topic
Dr Ian MacConachie

Professor Ken Hillman

Interesting Cases
Dr Peter Nightingale

Dr Antonios Liolios

Dr Bernard Cholley

Haemodynamic Monitoring
Dr Andrew Bentley

Associate Professor Dr Hermann Wriggle

Non-Invasive Ventilation
Assosicate Professor Stephen Streat

Dr Anna Batchelor

End of Life Decisions