The fourth Critical Care Symposium was held in 2007 at Palace Hotel, Oxford Road, Manchester. This year the symposium was sponsored Lilly.

The speakers for this event can be found below.

Day One

Speaker Topic
Professor Sheldon Magder Acid Base Disorders
Dr Neil Soni Renal Protection – Is it Possible?
Dr Roop Kishen Renal Replacement Therapy – An Overview
Dr Claudia Teles

Coagulation Monitoring in RRT

Activated Protein C – Where are we now?

Heparin Induced Thrombocytopaenaia

Professor Jeff Lipman Drug Handling While on RRT
Professor Tom Bleck

Neurological Causes Steroids – Are the doing harm?

Neurogenic Pulmonary Oedema

Professor Andres Esteban How to Wean?
Professor J.L Vincent Albumin in Intensive Care
Dr Gordon Doig Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics in Critical Care
Professor Mervyn Singer Sepsis, Sex, Satiety, Statins and Soft Drugs
Associated Professor David Crippen 10 Issues that Changed the Face of Critical Care

Day Two

Speaker Topic
Professor Mitch Fink

Epithelial Dysfunction

Novel Pharmacological Agents for Mitochondrial Protection

Dr Christiaan Boerma Microcirculatory Dysfunction
Professor Mervyn Singer MOF – Its all in the Mitochondria
Dr Claudia Teles Coagulation in Sepsis
Professor J.L. Vincent

Fluid Challenge

Which Inotrope?

Professor Sheldon Magder Bathtubs, Veins and the Control of Cardiac Output in Schock
Professor Calude Martin


Combination Antibiotics

Professor Andres Esteban How Useful is the Diagnostic Criteria of VAP
Professor Jeff Lipman

Go Hard, GO Home: Management of ICU Infections

Dench to Bedside – Appropriate Dosing of Common Antibiotics

Professor Tom Bleck Sub-arachnoid Heamorrage – What is New?
Dr Leslie Whetstine Brain Death in ICU
Associate Professor David Crippen Withdrawing and Withholding Life Support in the ICU