Conference Update: Sunday 21:40: This conference is still taking place at the Ramada Piccadilly Hotel in Manchester on the 22nd and 23rd April 2010. Of those speakers that cannot attend, some will now be giving their presentations via a video conferencing facility, while others will have their topics covered by speakers that are attending. New topics may be added to cover sessions in the event that no alternate speaker can be found.

We are currently re-organising the conference program and this will be put online as soon as possible.

“Due to unpresidented high demands for places, the number of delegates have been restricted to the capacity of the hall. The number of places available is very limited now. So if any one would like to apply from now on (07-04-2010), please ring 0161 7785283 or e-mail to check the availability of places”

The 7th Annual Critical Care Symposium will be on the 22nd and 23rd of April 2010 at the Ramada Piccadilly Hotel in Manchester, UK.

A provisional speaker list can be found below. Please note that this list is subject to change.

Speaker Facility/University
Dr Patrick Honore Brussels, Belgium
Prof Jean Louis Vincent Brussels, Belgium
Dr Jan De Waele Ghent, Belgium
Prof Antoine Vieillard Baron France
Prof Josef Artur Paiva Porto, Portugal
Prof Jerome Pugin Switzerland
Prof Jeff Lipman Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Dr Stephen Streat Auckland, New Zealand
Prof Tom Bleck Chicago, USA
Mr Mike Darwin Arizona, USA
Prof Daniel Traber Galveston, Texas, USA
Prof Peter Andrews Edinburgh,UK
Dr Simon Baudouin Newcastle, UK
Dr Mike Boyd Oldham, UK
Dr Bernard Foex MRI, Manchester, UK
Dr Mike Grocott UCL, London, UK
Dr Carl Waldma n Reading, UK
Dr Paul Elbers Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dr Michael Kuiper Leeuwardan, Netherlands
Dr Rainer Gatz Malmo, Sweden